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What Makes Us Different

The Wharton Difference
Providing Access to a World of Opportunity

What does opportunity mean to you? Is itÖ

Identifying prudent, sophisticated strategies for advancing and protecting a lifetime of financial assets?

Meeting todayís lifestyle goals without sacrificing tomorrowís income needs?

Ensuring that assets will be passed on to your heirs and the charitable organizations you designate in the most tax-efficient manner?

Many financial advisors offer wealth management services, yet most of these services are related to a single category: investment products. While we believe itís important to have access to a broad range of investment options and strategies, investment planning is only one piece of the puzzle that leads to financial well-being.

We believe that focusing solely on your investment needs ignores other important aspects of your financial picture that are equally important in helping you achieve your life goals. It can also significantly limit your access to other important opportunities on the path to meeting your goals.

We donít believe your opportunities should be limited by the constraints and conflicts of interest inherent in most traditional brokerage models or by the limited scope or experience of your advisors. At Wharton, our experienced advisors have spent decades developing their individual areas of expertise, as well as relationships with profession services providers across multiple financial disciplines.

In addition to offering one of the nationís broadest platforms of non-proprietary investment products with access to the nationís leading portfolio managers, we seek to identify important opportunities across the many areas that impact your lifestyle and finances, including:

  • Cash management strategies
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Health care planning
  • Multigenerational family planning
  • Estate planning and trust services
  • Charitable giving strategies

Coordination Across Your Entire Financial Life

We have assembled a team of experts across financial disciplines who can be relied upon should you need their expertise. Together with our professional partners, we strive to address all of your wealth management needs. Working as your financial quarterback, we coordinate the activities of these professionals to ensure alignment with your financial and lifestyle goals. We are also happy to work with your existing team of attorneys or tax advisors to coordinate strategies and ensure your best interests always come first.

At Wharton Advisory Group, we offer access to the full range of professional services and expertise you require to coordinate the many aspects of your life and your financial needs.

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