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Advantages of Independence

Discover Why Our Independence Is Your Advantage

As an independent wealth management firm Wharton Advisory Group focuses solely on serving your needs and acting in your best interest at all times. This provides you with the confidence you seek to pursue financial success on your terms.

  • We have no obligations to investment product manufacturers and no cross-sell quotas or home-office directives that may lead to conflicts of interest.
  • We donít answer to a corporate parent or stockholders; we answer only to you, our clients.
  • We spend our time developing customized solutions for the unique challenges you face.

Our independence is supported by LPL Financial, the nationís largest independent broker/dealer.* The firm provides access to a comprehensive array of tools and resources for independent financial advisors. This enables us to provide objective financial guidance to our clients. LPL Financial has no proprietary products.

* As reported by Financial Planning Magazine, 1996-2012, based on total revenue.

Do you need help creating a trust, refinancing a mortgage or funding higher education for your children or grandchildren? No matter your financial needs, our team has the knowledge, experience and integrity to serve as your objective advocate and guide through every phase of your financial life.

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